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Çebi family that have been within the plastic and metal industry sector since 1970, under the framework of the firm that established under the framework of BES Plastic Industry in 1993 goes on its operations by adding production of food packaging toward food sector since 1998 to its production portfolio that it began with textile accessories formerly .

We are carrying out every kind of production of plastic injection with the capacity of plastic processing of 750 tones monthly. Our firm carrying out the production with approximately 20 injection machines which have high end technological equipment, by utilizing robots in the process of production, carries our quality one step ahead.

Bes Plastic has the most creative R&D and P&D departments in its sector. Our firm that managed to keep customer satisfaction to the highest level by making its product designs customer and last user oriented within its body solves in advance unpredicted problems in the product with 3D designs, visual presentations and prototype in necessary situations before production.

In our fabric at the Beylikdüzü Organized Industry Site, that has 4000 m2 closed area, we keep on our production without making any concession from quality and hygiene and by using every facility technology provides.


We are insistent on carrying our quality much further ahead in making production of pattern and product in different features according to order and by adding new models continuously in CNC machines with the help of cutting-edge technology.


Our production contains every kind of plastic product. Our especially concentrating production area is plastic hangers, plastic food packaging boxes and textile accessories. We present a wide colorful range of products in our product exhibition stands to our customers with approximately 100 food packaging models, approximately 30 textile accessory models and single use only product.

With our product diversity, innovative team, superior quality understanding and rapid supply process, we have a wide customer portfolio. The leading companies of Turkey and various foreign companies take place in our portfolio.


We carry out the production of plastic food holders under PRODUCTION CERTIFICATE that was given to us from T.R Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Our plastic holders do not cause any harm to health at all.

We are insistent to keep alive the word that we have stood behind it since the first day.

“If you care about time and quality”

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